A shop that gives you reward points

You can earn reward points in this shop!


  • When you register on the shop, you earn 5 reward points
  • When you sign up for the newsletter email, you will earn 10 reward points
  • When you give a referral, you will earn 15 reward points
  • When you write a review for a product you've purchased, you will earn 20 referral points
  • For most purchases, you will earn referral points.   (please see each product for a listing of how many reward points you will earn.)

Redeeming Points

  • Points can be redeemed for buying products.   
  • In order to redeem points, you must have enough points to purchase the product based on the redemption value of the product (this is listed per product)
  • Points can not be redeemed for shipping
  • Partial points cannot be used

Points Balance